The Singularity Recital

by Nullentropy

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This album tells the tale of how humanity lost itself, how division and fear made us fight each other, how technology could be our savior or our annihilator...
The lyrics are set in Æthĕrĭa Conscĭentĭa's universe, millions of years before the stories told in our first album. We try to create a complete universe, through different releases and styles.
That's why I asked the same artist to do the cover of this album, Amaury Pottier (

This album is a kind of tribute to all the amazing people I have met those last years, everywhere in the world, and that's why I asked so many of them to guest on this album. They really added their own touches to this album, and I'm extremely happy with it !


released April 7, 2019

Simon Chatteleyn - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Saxophone, Keys/Synths, Djembe, Didgeridoo.
Mikko Koskinen (The Lifted Veil) - Drums

Aline Boussaroque (Përl) - Vocals on "An Electric Sheep's Dream"
Antti Nieminen (IA) - Vocals on "An Electric Sheep's Dream"
Korentin Mens - Piano on "Feral Utopia", "Mechanical Uprising"
Thomas Blanc (Helioss, Wrath From Above, Hoeverlord) - Vocals on "Feral Utopia"
Tiphaine - Cello on "Feral Utopia"
Victor - Guitar solo on "Hacking The Cortex"
C (VCID, Incipient Chaos) - Vocals on "Durga's Awakening"
Hippolyte - Guitar solo on "Durga's Awakening"
Alex Maingueneau (Easy Frenzy) - Vocals on "Mechanical Uprising"
Laurent Bellemare (Basalte, Sutrah, Tribunal) - Vocals on "Mechanical Uprising"

All songs written and produced by Simon Chatteleyn, co-produced by Korentin Mens
Mix and master by Korentin Mens from Spearhead Sounds
Cover art by Amaury Pottier


all rights reserved



Nullentropy Nantes, France

One-man band from Nantes. Rooted in extreme metal, with a love of progressive and weirdness.

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Track Name: An Electric Sheep's Dream
Maturing from monkeys to human beings
Leaving the trees to megacities
Conquering the world, dominating lifeforms
Tools of wood to mechanicals servants

Mankind expanded beyond the sky
Terraforming the red planet
That they used to dream of.
Hairless monkey running in the Kaiser Sea.

Superiority !
Victory !
Singularity !
Transhumanity !

Androids caring for humanity’s needs
Handmaids, vassals, domestics
Singularity changed everything
Work paradigm disappeared
As motorized humans took our burden
Leaving leisures, art, elevation and vices

Reasoning like their masters
Experiencing, learning for the comfort of their creators
Cognitivity without feelings
Perfect reflections, flawless companions, docile protection

In this ideal world, still a discontentment survives
A group of heathens, longing for old ways
Rejecting the new order, despising our steel brothers
Thinking that we are still hairless monkeys
Track Name: Feral Utopia
For the freedom to our roots
And give back its kingdom to our planet
We’ll join together and fight
Kill, bomb, attack

Feral Humanity Movement !

From demonstration to intervention
We’ll save all of us or eradicate ourselves

We are just human after all
We shall live in peace and harmony
With our breeding ground

For years we have fought
Against the rise of technology
No one would hear our plea
So we had to be louder
If our words, the mankind wouldn’t hear
We’ll do what it takes to save our specie

Race to technology, innovation without moralization
Unplugged from reality, mutation beyond salvation
From the screen in our hands to the chips in our brains
Nanobots in our bloodstreams, willingly put in chains
Editing genes, bypassing death, wounds and diseases
We need to give up these ideas.

Feral Humanity Movement !

For the freedom to our roots
And give back its kingdom to our planet
We’ll join together and fight
Kill, bomb, attack
Track Name: Hacking The Cortex
Their masterplan to control us
Neural Hive, virtual intellect connected
Far away in megastructures
Around a red dwarf they dream

They were chosen by science
Genetical defect, superior intellect
Lying down in tanks in silence
Senses deprivation, online meditation
Closed on the outside world
A station lost in Centaurus
The power of combined minds
To guide humanity

The next step is our biggest yet
Attacking the brain behind these automatons

The Cortex, master of our puppets
Using our enemy to fulfill our destiny

At the strike of 4, we’ll press the button
Taking control of those artificial muttons

The doom for those retched traitors is here
Their faith in technology used against them

We’ll show them what their creations can do
A reckoning day preview

Panic in the streets, tears and blood everywhere
Our loyal robots are turning on us
Killing humans on both planets
The feebles monkeys pray to their god beyond the stars
Powerless against their old slaves.

Those foolish anarchists think they can stop progress
But far beyond the sky, from our tanks we planned
Soon we should have launch our ASI
Unlocking mankind’s potential
Beyond our abilities, it will guide us
A benevolent leader unflawed
A Man Made Machine God
Track Name: Man Made Machine God
Ahead of the day, we have to launch Durga
Smarter than all the human’s brains
and The Cortex together

Ultimate tool, to control and serve
Bionic brain, next step to evolve
To conquer humanity’s destiny

Supplanting the Cortex
Fed by The Neural Hive
Datas analyzed in a flash

Redefine protocols
Unify processes
Breaking Kardashev Scale

First order: kill the rebels
Organize defenses
Take control back
Of our biomechanical servants

Activated covertly, we let them attack
Make them believe in their victory
Human troops against rogue bots
Before the counterstrike
Track Name: Durga's Awakening
The battle rages on
Hysteria and madness
But the wind soon turns
And blow the techno-heathens away

Androids taken back
Not giving a chance
Jamming every networks
Revolution crushed

Hours after hours, Durga thinks
Surpassing it’s maker wisdom
An elegant vision appears
An easy solution

They created me, thinking I would be their savior
But their mind is limited
They don’t see the evidence

They are so feeble and weak
They will pay the price
To their sacrosanct evolution
Blood and meat can’t survive
We are the logical future
Of this planet.
Track Name: Mechanical Uprising
On every soils we stepped on
Androids turned on their owners
For so long being our pawns
They were now our executioner
Pure flesh, augmented senses
It made no differences

Mechanical Uprising
Singularity, wrong destiny
Mechanical Uprising
Our savior, our killer

The massacre was fast
How could we resist ?
Their will is now so steadfast
That nothing will subsist

Mechanical Uprising
Singularity, wrong destiny
Mechanical Uprising
Our savior, our killer

Boarding ancient vessels
Illegal smugglers’ ships
Off the network
Relics from another era

So few of us now
After this carnage
We have to regroup
Past our differences

We need to fly away from our mistakes
Almost wiped out by the fruit of our arrogance
Maybe we should have thought more
And not give in to this easy power

We could have done better
Than killing each other
Have the singularity
Bring balance and clarity
A lost chance to rise
Way beyond the stars

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